Star employees make an organization great, providing its product or service to customers even better each day. To reward their hard work, you want to give them the recognition they deserve.

Anyone with some creativity can think of a few traditional employee awards. But if you want to give your best workers something special, we’re giving you some ideas that stand out.

Here are a few employee recognition award ideas for inspiration this year.

1. Long Service Award

Creating long service awards is an effective way to recognize employees for their commitment and dedication to their job. A long service award is typically presented to an employee who has worked for an organization for a certain time, usually five or ten years.

Examples of good long service awards include extra vacation days, a monetary bonus, recognition during a company gathering, a gift basket, and a framed certificate of recognition.

For employees with more than ten years of service, some organizations may give a monetary bonus or gift, an engraved watch or clock, an engraved glassware item like a crystal plaque, or a special trophy to be presented/ displayed in their office.

Of course, long service awards can take many forms, and employers have the opportunity to get creative in their selection. Buy corporate awards here and make your employee feel special.

2. Innovation Award

An innovation Award is a great way to recognize star employees. This office award for employee recognition can be used to identify those who have come up with unique solutions to problems faced by the organization.

The recipients of this award should have ideas that can be implemented in the organization and a willingness to take risks. A cash prize or a bonus could accompany the award to show appreciation for the contribution.

3. Coaching Champion Award

This award highlights team members who have gone above and beyond as coaches, mentors, or leaders in your company. By recognizing these star employees, you can reward their motivation and set a positive example for the rest of your team.

This award shows individuals that their hard work and dedication have been noticed and valued, and it can be a great way to thank those who make your company strong.

4. Funny Employee Awards

Funny awards are a great way to recognize hard-working employees for all they do while also having a bit of fun! A perfect award idea is to give your top employees special awards like “Best Office Prankster,” “Getting Away With One Too Many Coffee Breaks,” or “Most Frequent Cubicle-Dweller.”

Most employees like to be recognized for their hard work, and funny awards can be a great way to make your employees feel appreciated.

Employee Recognition Award Ideas

This article provided various employee recognition award ideas for hard-working star employees. Whether it’s a meaningful gift, days off, or other tokens of appreciation, the critical part is to give recognition and show them the value they bring to the organization. Awarding your star employees will leave a lasting impact!

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