With how much time people spend inside and in front of computers, it’s no surprise that there’s a big drive to get outside and into the wilderness. It offers a way to disconnect from constant streams of information. And of all the ways to do that, camping is one of the most popular.

That’s why it’s no surprise that 92 million American households identify as campers.

The question is, do you have what it takes to become one of those people?

Before you go on your next camping trip, it’s essential to understand the camping trip rules you’ll need to follow when on the campground. Below are nine rules to remember when going camping.

1. Know the Quiet Hours

If you’re camping with a group of people, the chances are good that you want to be around the campfire having fun. There’s nothing wrong with doing this most of the day. But once it reaches a certain point at night, you should probably wrap it up.

Being too loud will disturb the other campers trying to get some rest. Most campgrounds have quiet hours to tell campers when they should start winding down. Make sure you understand those hours when you’re camping to make sure you follow the rules.

2. Check in on Time

Most campgrounds have check-in times for the people camping. Although many campgrounds will allow you to be late up to a certain point, it’s a good idea to try and get there on time.

The big issue is when you arrive when other people are resting at night. Driving up to the campground and getting set up will make a lot of noise. This will disturb the other people sleeping and create an unpleasant environment for everyone.

3. Leave Wildlife Alone

The chances are good that you’ll see wildlife when you’re camping. Even if you stick to your campground, critters will probably show up and investigate what’s going on.

It’s tempting to try and interact with wildlife in these situations — but try to avoid doing this. You don’t want wildlife to become accustomed to people. Let animals do their thing when they are around and do whatever possible to avoid disrupting their environment around the campsite.

4. Put Your Fire Out

It’s fine to keep a fire going when everyone is around. It offers a place to stick around and warm up when it gets cold.

But you shouldn’t have a fire going if nobody is there to monitor things. This is especially true when people are sleeping — nobody is there to notice when something goes wrong, and the fire spreads.

Make sure to put your fire out when you’re finished with it. Make sure the ashes or coal is cold to ensure nothing sparks it again.

5. Watch Your Pets

It’s common to bring pets along for camping trips. Many animals love to be outdoors, so the woods is the perfect place to bring them for a trip.

But some people don’t do enough to watch their pets during that time. They let them explore and bother other people.

Keep an eye on your pets if you bring them to make sure they behave. Doing this will help keep them where they are supposed to be and avoid getting lost.

6. Be Careful With Lighting

It’s not uncommon for campers to string together lights at their campsites. They attach them to campers and other objects with great-looking lights hanging overhead — something useful for lighting up campsites at night.

However, you must also consider the people sleeping in the areas next to you. If you brighten your spot too much, it can cause problems for people trying to get some rest.

Be careful with how many lights you have and how late you leave them running. Think of turning them off at a certain point to be courteous to the people near you.

7. Keep Things Clean

A big problem that happens at campsites is trash. People don’t respect nature and the people around them, so they leave their trash lying around.

Try to avoid doing this. Sustainable camping should be your goal. You want to leave your campsite better than you found it.

Be sure to keep your area clean by picking up food and trash whenever possible. Doing this will help keep the camp area clean.

8. Stay Friendly With Neighbors

Campgrounds can get cramped during the camping season. Countless people want to get outside and enjoy the wilderness, so there will be no free camping areas during busy seasons.

This means that you may have several camping groups close to you. Try to be mindful of those people and stay friendly at all times.

It’s also a good idea to avoid spreading your campsite out too much and intruding on other campers’ space. Keep your space contained to avoid annoying other people.

9. Don’t Cut Through Campsites

It’s tempting to try and take the short path when walking through the campgrounds. You want to save time and get to where you want quickly. Walking through campsites other people are using is a way to do this.

But doing this is bad manners. You’re invading the personal space of other people and creating a disturbance. Even if you have to go the long way to get somewhere, avoid using other campsites as a shortcut.

Do Things Right on Your Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip can be a lot of fun. You can get away from the grind of everyday life and spend some time in nature. However, there are things you should and shouldn’t do at a campsite.

There are a set of rules that you should follow to be a good neighbor to everyone else camping next to you. Remember the rules for going camping above to make sure you don’t do anything to ruin the camping experience for yourself or anyone else at the campgrounds.

Do you want to learn more tips for tackling other life adventures? Check out the blog to learn more about taking on new activities.

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