According to some research, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

If you’re going to be ordering new bras online, then you’ll want to know how to measure your bra size at home.

The sizing can be a little bit tricky, but we’re here to help you out. Keep reading to learn all of the steps to measuring bra size.

Measure the Bra Band

Before buying a bra, make sure that you stand upright without your bra on. Take a measuring tape and measure underneath your bust and around your back. You should measure where the bra would normally sit.

The tape should be going in an even and steady line. The tape measure should be snug, not tight. Measure it in inches, and if you’re on an even number, that’s your band size.

If you have an odd number, just round it up to the next closest even inch.

Measure the Cup Size

Next, you’ll need to measure the cup size. Retailers will recommend that you wear a cup size that is similar to your favorite bra. However, if you don’t wear a bra right now, then measure where your boobs naturally are.

Subtract the band size from your bust measurement.

For example, if you have 0 leftovers, then your cup size would be AA. If you have 14 leftovers, then you have a K cup size. If you have 3 leftover, it would be C. You can use this scale to narrow it down.

Then, you’ll want to combine your band and your cup size. So, you could have a 34F bra size. This is a benchmark style, but keep in mind that each style might feel different.

Know if You Should Size Up or Down

You may need to size up or down in some cases. For example, if 34D is too big for you in the cups, try a 36C. There are bra charts online that will help you determine if you’re sizing it correctly.

Each style should have its own chart. So if you’re looking at the AHH bra with removable pads, they should have a chart that can help you size your bra at home.

How to Determine If It Fits Properly

Once you order the bra, make sure that it fits properly. You should feel like you’re not wearing any type of bra. Use the bra on the loosest hook to ensure that it still fits so you’re prepared for when it stretches.

Adjust the straps so that they’re tight but don’t dig into your shoulders too much.

Learn More About How to Measure Your Bra Size At Home

These are only a few things you should know about how to measure your bra size at home, but there are many other factors to consider.

We know that measuring the right bra size can be stressful, but we’re here to help make sure that you get the perfect fit and style.

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