With over 5 million veterans throughout the country, what are some of the benefits they get to enjoy? It’s true that there are government-sponsored benefits in the form of healthcare and financial assistance. What about discounts, though?

In particular, you might be wondering about whether Marine Corps veterans get their own discounts. That’s what this article is going to cover. Keep reading to see what types of discounts you might expect and where to find them. 

Do You Get Discounts?

The short answer is yes, Marine Corps veterans are eligible for discounts on many products and services. However, the types of discounts available may vary. This could depend on the company or organization offering them.

Some businesses may offer discounts exclusively to Marine Corps veterans, for instance. Others, though, may offer military discounts to all veterans. Learn more about the exclusive advantages of serving under the noble branch of the Marine Corps. 

Some Examples

Many retailers offer everyday discounts to veterans, including Marine Corps veterans. For example, Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to all veterans, including those who served in the Marine Corps. Home Depot also offers a similar discount.

Travel discounts are available, too. For example, Southwest Airlines offers discounted fares to all veterans. Marriott International offers a discount of up to 15% off room rates to all veterans.

You can also find entertainment-related discounts. For instance, Regal Cinemas offers a military discount to all veterans. Many theme parks, such as Busch Gardens and SeaWorld, are included here.

Restaurants might be some of the best places to find discounts that apply to you. It’s up to you to ask your server everywhere you go. Applebee’s offers a 10% discount to all veterans, and so does Texas Roadhouse.

Finally, consider researching healthcare-related discounts you can take advantage of. Walgreens offers a 20% discount on eligible items to all veterans who have enrolled in VA healthcare.

How to Find Them 

If you’re a Marine Corps veteran, you may be wondering how to find these great deals. One of the best ways to find discounts is to ask at the point of sale.

When you’re making a purchase, simply ask if the company offers a military discount. If so, check what documentation you need to provide.

You can also search online for military freebies using websites. Consider Military.com or GovX, which provide a comprehensive list of discounts available to veterans.

Additionally, it’s worth reaching out to veteran organizations such as the Marine Corps League or the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). They may have information on exclusive discounts available to their members.

Keep an eye out for special events and promotions that may offer discounts to veterans, too. Veterans Day or Memorial Day sales would be a great place to start.

More for Marine Corps Veterans

At this point, you’re prepared to find and make use of these useful discounts for Marine Corps veterans. After your service to this country, you deserve them. 

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