Almost 66% of parents say it’s harder than they expected, and a good amount says it’s tiring and stressful most/all of the time. Of course, no one ever goes into the parent life thinking it’d be a walk in the park, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about what you’re doing.

However, the beauty of the internet is that you can share your thoughts and connect with people from all over the world. That way, you won’t feel so alone.

If you want to follow some mom bloggers to see what their lives are like, then read on. Here are the top ones you should check out!

At Home With Natalie

Natalie Lesnefsky is a mom of six, so if there’s any parent who knows how to balance their family life, it’s her. With her college sweetheart, they built a house to accommodate their large family. Natalie’s one of the lucky few who have monetized her blog so well, it’s her main source of income.

On it, she posts about lifestyle topics, with a specialization in party planning. She also has tasty recipes and other DIY tutorials. So if you’re ever scratching your head about throwing a bonanza your little one will never forget, you can trust Natalie to have excellent advice.

Clean Mama

Before having kids, it was already difficult enough to keep a clean and tidy house. Now that your baby’s taking up all your time and energy, how are you ever going to manage it?

Well, blogger Becky Rapinchuk has some secrets to divulge! She’s got a tried-and-tested cleaning system that helps frazzled moms (and dads) keep their homes squared away. And the best thing is, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning either!

The Clean Mama blog has several free printables available if you sign up for her email list. There are some of her own courses and affiliate links too.

Mama Natural

Are you interested in living a crunchy lifestyle? Then Mama Natural is who you should follow. Blogger Genevieve started off in 2010 making YouTube videos with her husband during her first pregnancy, and this hobby quickly became a career.

This blog is great for new moms because she covers natural pregnancy and parenting, including postpartum topics too. She breaks down pregnancy into detailed weekly sections, so you’ll have a thorough understanding of what to expect.

Also, if you’re still uncertain of what to name your upcoming bundle of joy, then Genevieve’s got a helpful list of trendy baby names you can use.

Jacqui Saldaña

No parent should ever suffer the loss of their child, but unfortunately, it happens. Jacqui Saldaña is currently the mother of two girls, but within a year of her marriage, the couple lost their three-year-old son in an accident.

So in addition to the typical mom blog topics (such as arts and crafts, recipes, and outings), Jacqui shares her intimate thoughts on how to find happiness after loss. If you’ve also gone through such heart wrenching grief, then you’ll find solace in this mom blogger’s words.

Grace Grow Edify

It’s a small niche, but some Christian parents desire to homeschool their children. If you’re one of them, then you might feel lost, as there aren’t many resources available to guide you.

This is where Grace Grow Edify comes in handy. Run by Courtney, a homeschool mom of 3, not only does it have outstanding resources for homeschooling your Christian kids, but it has lots of advice about family life and faith too. Whenever you’re short of ideas for Christian activities, you can count on this blog to have many helpful suggestions.

Brummy Mummy Diaries

Many parent bloggers focus solely on parenting’s challenges and successes, as well as their daily routines.

But what if you want to see what exciting adventures they get up to? Then you should follow a family days out blogger, such as Brummy Mummy Diaries.

British mum Hayley lives in Black Country, which is where Peaky Blinders is set. Her blog focuses on family travel to give other parents fantastic ideas for fun outings. She also makes sure to include sensory play ideas for parents with kids who struggle with the outside world.

Do note that her ideas are focused on locations in England. So if you aren’t located there, you can either file these places away for your British vacation someday or use the ideas as inspiration for places to visit locally.

Honest Mum

Here’s another mom blogger who’s from the UK; mum Vicki Broadbent is the author of the book “Mumboss,” or “The Working Mom” in North America.

On her blog, Vicki tackles a wide range of topics related to parenting, including marriage tips and delicious recipes. More importantly, she doesn’t shy away from the not-so-bright realities that come after you have children, such as postpartum depression and other mental health struggles.

In addition, Vicki shows glimpses of her family life, such as weekend trips, as well as products and accessories that make her life easier and her appearance more chic.

Give These Mom Bloggers a Follow

It’s not easy being a parent, and some days can be more of a struggle than others. But by following these mom bloggers, you’ll see that it’s only natural to have ups and downs, and that you’re giving your child the best life possible.

Plus, by reading these blog posts, you’ll get ideas for your own family life. And if you leave comments and participate in discussions, you just might make some new friends!

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