Do you want to learn how to get the boho look?

This trend is all about style and uniqueness. Hippie culture has been around for centuries and is back with a vengeance. 

Pulling it off can seem intimidating, but we’re here to help you find that look. Not sure how to get started?

Keep reading as we share how you can start incorporating boho style into your dressing habits.

Start With Accessories

Start with delicate gold jewelry pieces and add a few statement rings and bangles. Make sure to choose natural stones, like turquoise and jade, to keep the look consistent.

Add a scarf in an earthy print in a lightweight fabric, then finish off the look with a knit beanie in a neutral color. If it’s an especially cold day, bundle up with a statement fur coat and heeled boots.

Don’t forget a couple of mini bags and a cute hat to complete the look. Mixing and matching will help you to achieve the ultimate boho look!

Invest in Essential Boho Pieces

Bohemian fashion is all about expressing your individual style and creativity. You can achieve this look with a few fundamental essentials.

Start with a flowy maxi dress for a timeless look. Try to find pieces with details like embroidery or pleats.

Paired with fabulous jewelry and sandals, you can take your outfit to the next level. Don’t be afraid of fabrics like velvet and lace, as they will add a unique bohemian touch.

Flowy printed or embroidered tops with skinny jeans or embroidered shorts with a peasant-style blouse are all foolproof combos. Big, floppy bohemian hats for ladies are also an easy way to up the Boho style.

Embrace Natural Textures and Patterns

The best way to achieve a Boho chic look is to embrace natural textures and patterns. Focus on pieces that have that vintage, distressed, and unique look.

Look for pieces that have intricate patterns, earthy colors, and unique sewing details. Look for textiles like denim, lace, leather, and jute to give your look a natural and effortless feel.

Incorporate soft fabrics such as cotton and linen, keep it light and airy with eyelet fabrics, and ask for bolder patterns with tribal prints. Neutral and metallic tones like copper, bronze, and grey will help you to highlight and add dimension to the look.

Add Whimsy to Playful Artifacts

Bohemian style is all about mixing and matching unexpected artifacts. Try flanking an upholstered sofa with two vintage iron chairs in different styles and add a farmhouse-style coffee table with a throw blanket draped over it.

Adding playful artifacts enhances the vibrancy of your space. Incorporate wall hangings such as macramé as well as vibrant pillows and rugs.

An ottoman can become your canvas or a conversation starter. To make it appear boho, cover it with textiles, which can be ethnic-inspired or crochet and other knitted items.

To finish the whimsical look, hang a mirror on the wall or place a large, patterned quilt on the bed or sofa. Utilize hanging basket planters to grow cascade, green foliage. 

Tips to Achieve that Boho Look 

Boho style is about comfort, free-spiritedness, and bringing the indoors out! Incorporate unique designs, textures, and materials for a look that’s all your own.

Let this guide be a launchpad for your experiments, and find what works for you. Go wild and discover the perennial boho look!

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