If you’ve been wondering how to throw a beach party, we can help.

One of the greatest things about the summer months is that you have the opportunity to spend time in the sun, on the sand, and on the water! What better way to have a great time than spending your afternoon at the beach with your family, friends, and loved ones?

Due to the nature and extent of hard-earned recreation time, beach parties are always a success, but there are ways to make them even better. Read on to learn how to throw a badass beach party that is remembered for years to come.

Find the Right Venue

The venue should be spacious and have a beach setting or other scenic views for the perfect backdrop for wonderful photos. The venue needs to be close to the beach, yet private enough for an intimate gathering. If there are going to be several guests, make sure the space is big enough to accommodate everyone.

Depending on the weather, make sure the beach party venue offers various aspects of the overall event. Find a venue with both indoor and outdoor options.

Also, make sure the venue offers plenty of power outlets to ensure audio and video equipment can be used and the appropriate event furniture is available. Browse online reviews to ensure there is adequate security, service, and professionalism when booking the beach party venue. 

Select a Theme

At the beach party, guests can come dressed according to the theme. A popular choice for a beach party theme this summer is a tropical luau. Guests will enjoy wearing vibrant colors and tropical-themed leis, making for a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

They will enjoy classic luau foods like poi, fruit sushi, and a special cocktail. Decorate your beach party with tiki torches, leis, and colorful fabrics to create an immersive tropical experience. To add a touch of fun to the festivities, set up a limbo line, hula and volleyball competitions, or a conga line.

Consider incorporating beach-friendly decors such as starfish, seashells, and white sand. String colorful lights around areas to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere. Hang beach towels, beach umbrellas, and beach balls with colorful ribbons.

These items create bright and fun decorations that can easily be changed out as the party progresses. Consider creating a beach-themed backdrop with sand, blue and white balloons, and life-size cutouts of beach-goers. And hang pictures of beach scenes along with pictures of the people invited to the party to add a personal touch that everyone will appreciate.

Send Out Invites

Sending out invites for an extraordinary beach party is the best way to ensure a memorable experience for all of your guests. Invites sent out should include the location, date, and time of the beach party, as well as any special instructions related to the event. Let your guests know that they’re invited to an evening of fun in the sun, complete with music and a delicious barbecue.

Ask them to bring beach chairs and beach towels and encourage them to bring their bathing suits. Remind your guests that the beach party is sure to create memories to last a lifetime and it would be an amazing experience for them to remember for years to come.

Prepare the Perfect Food and Beverages

It is essential to have a variety of food and drink available to please all tastes. Have a selection of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, hot dishes, and desserts.

Then for beverages, have a stocked bar with a variety of drinks, juices, and sodas, as well as coffee, tea, and water for those who need something non-alcoholic. There are also stores where you can find premium spirits or other beverages that can surely set the vibe to your party.

Setting up the food and beverages in a buffet style will enable the guests to choose what they like. It is also wise to have plenty of utensils and napkins available, as well as cups, plates, and platters to serve the food. Don’t forget to provide an ice bin as well. 


Cook Up a Summer BBQ

Whether it is a beach party, a backyard get-together, or a block-wide shindig, there is something special about BBQs that makes them stand out. Throwing a memorable BBQ is to organize an enticing menu. This could include everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to barbeque ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

Once the food is decided upon, it is time to bring the décor to life. A summer BBQ should be vibrant and lively and include plenty of vibrant colors and bold patterns. From flowers and balloons to custom sunglasses and funny signs, there are plenty of ways to make the BBQ feel like a true beach party.

Plan Fun, Games, and Activities

Playing games is a great way to keep your guests entertained. Inflatable beach balls can be used to play classic beach games like beach volleyball and Four Square, while a game of beach frisbee is sure to get everyone moving and laughing.

A twist on a classic game like a beach scavenger hunt is a great way to keep everyone engaged and bring out their competitive side. As the night progresses, a relay race can be held with beach buckets and sponges to keep the fun going.

Create Fantastic Party Favors

It can be a luau, an under-the-stars soiree, or a simple picnic on the beach. Personalize it with decorations that express the spirit of the occasion. Make or purchase fun party favors, like flip flops, beach balls, and visors to match the theme.

Fill custom favor bags with tasty treats and create personalized thank-you cards for each guest. To top it off, add some beautiful flowers and a great sound system to create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable beach party.

Here Are a Few Tips and Suggestions to Get the Beach Party Going

By following these tips, and you’ll throw a party that no one will forget! Designate areas for food, music, and seating, and make sure you have enough activities to entertain your guests.

Don’t forget to create a playlist, throw some decorations up, and add sparklers for a touch of magic. With the right beach party, your friends and family will truly remember the experience for years to come!

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